Shabbos a Cappella Singers

A Shabbos Acapella Performance is the perfect way to energize and enhance your weekend Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sheva Brachos, or simcha of any kind. Acapella performances span the gamut from inspiring Kabbalas Shabbos, Shacharis, and Mussaf services, to beautiful background harmonies as your guests enter a room and zmiros throughout the meals, as well as uplifting singing at Shalosh Seudos. The Shloime Dachs Orchestra offers Shabbos acapella performances which are sure to be the highlight of any weekend simcha. From 4 singers to 15 singers, Shloime Dachs can accommodate events of all sizes. Whether your event will be in a hotel or a neighborhood shul, Shloime Dachs will surely elevate and enhance your simcha.